Natural Deterrents for Bats

Natural Deterrents for Bats Bats, as people think them, are not harmful mammals. Usually, bats reside away from urban centers into mountainous regions. However, sometimes in search of food and water, they head towards cities and settle into the houses of people. Bats make roosts in houses to find shelter and a comfortable environment. Nevertheless, bats become a nightmare for people. As their droppings and urine create a mess all around, people get sick of the unbearable smell. Moreover, microbes in their droppings prove fatal for people and cause respiratory problems. In the winter season, bats rush through windows and fissures of walls into the houses. It is because they want a warm and cozy. The most annoying thing about bats is their unpleasant creeps, bad odors of droppings and urine. You need not worry about bats because there are many effective ways to derive them away instantly: Mothballs Bats are very sensitive to mothballs. You just need to visit a pest control shop or store and purchase naphthalene balls. Tie those balls in a cloth then hang at the ceiling or the walls. Its smell will chase away bats, and they would never make their way to your house again. Don't use these balls to excess because it might cause health issues. Phenol The odor of phenol is very annoying to bats. Its rotten smell urges bats to fly away and never return to your place. The fumes left out by phenol make the place extremely unpleasant, which leaves no chances for bats to hang on around your place. Bats are accustomed to living in a clean and pleasant environment. Hence, they bid goodbye to your place and search for some other spot to make their roosts. Repairing Walls Bats don't enter your houses from the doors. They spot some fissure or space into walls and hurry to settle there. What you have to do is simply block those wall holes. When bats are out in search of food and water, block those holes. In this way, you will successfully stop them from coming to your houses. Mirrors There is another effective method to get rid of bats. It will not cause them any injuries and serve your purpose peacefully. Fix mirrors and reflect light. It will disturb the sleep of bats during the daytime. Sleep is dear to everyone, so instead of compromising on their sleep, bats will find another suitable place to live in. They will go away from your home for good. Balloons As people fear bats, so do bats from balloons. To harrow bats, you need to buy some helium-filled shining balloons. Go with these balloons to nearby places where bats reside. Hung up and set balloons in motion. It feels scary to bats, and out of fear, they never return to the roosts. It is a new and creative way to get rid of bat nuisance. Eucalyptus Eucalyptus oil is an effective remedy to stop bats coming to your living places. It works equally well on inspect as well as bats. Eucalyptus gel works effectively, leaving the impacts of its unpleasant smells. Bats get very irritated and ultimately decide to leave. Thus, in a very short time, you can easily chase away bats. Water Spray Another method to deal with bats is water spray. If you don't want violence and don't like to cause physical harm to bats, this is the best way. What you have to do is very simple. Just take a water bottle and spray it over bats while they are sleeping during the daytime. One last tip, don't try to hurt bats physically or kill them. Bats don't want to bother people but incidentally, enter their houses and make their roosts to settle for a temporary time period. Apply the above method, and bats will bid you bye forever!

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